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    5.0 out of 5 stars Take it from a Professor, October 10, 2014
    By Mitchell Brock from Amazon.com
    At first I was stuck between buying this phone and waiting for the iPhone 6. But I am score happy that I bought this phone in which I use with T-mobile. I love the Android 4.4.2 OS.
    The display is really great with the 5.5" 1440 x 2560 pixels screen with 538 ppi.
    The camera is among the best that I have ever seen. The features - Back-illuminated sensor (BSI). Autofocus. Touch to focus. Optical image stabilization. Face detection. Smile detection. ISO control. Burst mode. Geo tagging. High Dynamic Range mode (HDR). Panorama. Voice activation. Camcorder - 3840x2160 (4k) (30 fps). 1920x1080 (1080p HD) Fetures - Digital image stabilization. Front-facing camera - 2.1 megapixels.
    How about that Hardware? It is really great.
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 8974-AC, Quad core, 2500 MHz, Krait 400. Graphics processor- Adreno 330. System memory 3072 MB Ram. 32 GB Rom. It can have expansion storage up to 128 GB with microSD, microSDHC.
    There is much more about this phone that would take hours to write. It is a high end smartphone. A high end camera. As a Professor of computer information science and computer programming I get the same questions asked all the time. One of them is what would be the best smartphone to buy? Now I know which one that I would suggest. I would recommend this phone to anyone. Thank you for reading my post and I hope that it helps.

    Processor M Brock PHD
    5.0 out of 5 stars For AT&T users in the US, January 11, 2015
    By Amazon Customer from Amazon.com
    I hope this helps many people that are still trying to decide if they should buy this cellphone or not. I currently live in the US but I will be using the phone in other countries. Many reviews say that it doesn't work here in the US for mobile data but IT DOES. You maybe won't get 4g LTE but, let's face it, that network is not available everywhere even if you had an American phone. You can have up to 3G and it works perfectly well. I think some of the people giving the reviews (this is just my opinion, maybe it is not true for them) didn't check the APN information when configuring it on the phone and didn't notice that the name of the APN gets automatically picked up wrong by the phone. I have AT&T and in their website they tell you how to configure the APN yourself when you "bring your own device" I went ahead and created an APN myself with the information on the website and got my data back. Now, regarding the package being open, mine was but the phone and everything inside was new and had all the plastic covers. It comes with charger, USB cable AND earphones (something that was quite a surprise since the American version doesn't come with that).
    5.0 out of 5 stars very nice, August 1, 2014
    By david from Amazon.com
    i am "celphone guy".i'd used most flagship mobile:galaxy s5 one m8 sony z2 blackberry z10 q10 iphone 4-5setc...........now lg g3.there are a lot of reviews on the net and youtube,i just wanna say something bsae on my 2 weeks use of this phone.
    1:screen.yes it is all about its screen:quad 4xhd! is it recognizable? i did a test,i put a preload photo of sony xperia z2 into g3,and put them together,guess what?i could see more details on g3 than z2,and it's a preload photo of z2! and g3 is brigther than z2.so you do notice g3's 4xHD screen.
    2:audio.anther test with z2 again.sorry g3 with one rear speaker but won z2! yes! i did it again and again,unbeliverble!and i could hear my g3 ringing when i was about 10mts aways inside another room! some reviews said g3 with a poor speaker,i don't buy it!
    3:speed.i do it on antutu with s5 one m8 g3 sony z2,the results? s5>sony z2>g3>one m8.but sony just won g3 on least point about 2000.
    4:UI.lg g3 with an UI beatiful,smart and colorful.knockcode is very useful,i don't need power button anymore.and i can add more button on homeline not just home back recentapps.very nice design from lg.
    so i just enjoy so much with my lg g3.won't touch galaxy or iphone anymore.why? samsung eats your battery as a tiger! and it's "slow" when i changing between apps,there is nothing to do with its benmark points,it is just slow,not soft! and iphone? what you got with your iphone? NFC?opened bluetooth?easy manager your files without conected to pc?a big screen? sorry none of them! a better price?! oh never! so why i should pay money that i can buy a flagship android phone? and htc one m8 and sony xperia z2 are good too.all about what you like.hope this could help.
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