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  • Product Description


    Product Description
    Enjoy the thrill of gaming with the Sony PlayStation 2. This Sony gaming console enhances your gaming experience with additional memory and faster performance. Powered by the Emotion Engine processor, this Sony video game system delivers a power-packed performance at great speeds with impressive graphical representations. You can connect this Sony gaming console to your television using the A/V cord for an enhanced gaming experience. With better picture and high-quality sound, the PlayStation 2 provides a better gaming environment. The two USB ports let you connect external USB devices to this Sony video game system. The performance and functionality of the PlayStation 2 make it a must-have for any serious gamer.

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    Product Identifiers
    Brand Sony
    Product Name Sony PlayStation 2
    Product Line Sony PlayStation

    Type Console
    Color Black
    Release Date 11/21/2002

    Audio Output Support Stereo

    Power & Battery
    Power Source Types Power Supply - internal

    Height 3.07 in.
    Weight 4.85 lb
    Width 11.8 in.
    Depth 7.2 in.

    Technical Details
    Ram Technology RDRAM (RAMBUS)
    Supported Media CD-ROM, DVD-ROM
    Ram Capacity 32 MB
    Region Code NTSC
    CPU MIPS R5900

    Memory Capacity 4 MB

    Country Region North America

    5.0 out of 5 stars Why PS2 is a must have, September 19, 2000
    By BB from Amazon.com
    I felt I should chime in after reading "gamers" review. Now I know that is not a Sega vs Sony discussion group, but I felt the argument presented against the PS2 was flawed.
    1) Price, yes it will cost more than the Dreamcast, (same price as the PS1 at launch), but all of your current PS games and controllers, and memory cards will be supported. In fact sony has offically announced ([...]) that the PS2 will enhance certain PS1 games.
    2) No, the PS2 does not come with a 56K modem, and it doesn't use leaded gasoline either. Any true PC based game knows that online gaming and phone modems are dead. The PS2 will be ethernet ready to provide support for both cable and DSL modem support.
    3) It is a DVD player! Why is this bad. What if you purchased a Dreamcast and a seperate DVD player and someone wants to watch a movie, same problem. In fact a remote is available for purchase, or Universal remotes to work.
    4) Monster 3rd party support...EA PS2 Madden 2001 has features that the Dreamcast version doesn't have, and the PS2 will have 30 launch titles. Add this to all the PS games you already own, and you are a gaming, movie watchin' fool!
    Note: I own a Dreamcast and have been very dissapointed with the lack of games and support from Sega (I shouldn't be surprised). Even rumors of Sega abandoning the hardware business ([...] EGM)sour me on the future of the system. The job by Sony creating an entertainment console, with the customers in mind (full backward compatibility, haven't seen that since the Atari 7800), foreshadows years of continued entertainment
    5.0 out of 5 stars Lots of potential...I see a bright future for Sony., August 8, 2000
    By Michael Brooks from Amazon.com
    I recently came back from summer vacation and I have to tell you it was quite exciting. Not only did I get to visit a long time friend, but I found out he had imported a japanese ps2. For over a year I've been waiting to play this system, to see what all the hype was about and out of the blue came my opportunity. During my short stay there I only had a chance to play three games. He bought the imported version of Tekken Tag Tournament, and rented Dead or Alive 2 and Ridge Racer V ......... First off, I'd like to say that I own a Dreamcast and a Playstation and I'm not biased in any way. We all share pros and cons for our systems and the ps2 has its share.
    The games I played were about average, I'm not really into Tekken, but Ridge Racer V was great fun. So far the graphics are on par if not a tad better then the Dreamcast. True the games we played did have an AA issues, but then again, so do most Dreamcast games (Virtua Tennis-just look at the net, NFL2k2-any cinematic view, being picky isn't it? same deal). I wouldn't even consider the AA problem a problem because the problem was in hasted programming. I believe that if Namco had more time, the games would have seemed more polished. Now don't get me wrong, the graphics were great and the games were fun, but I don't believe anyone has really dug deep into the potential of the ps2. That is, until he showed me the Metal Gear Solid 2 DVD video trailer. Anyone who got to see this video will instantly be shocked at the fluid motion and amount of detail. Now this is what I'm talking about! this is the future of what the ps2 can handle. This looks revolutionary, this is what people have been waiting for. Then it occured to me. One, the ps2 is still in its infancy, we all can't expect revolutionary games from the get go, what are we supposed to expect? The developers need time to learn the programming tools for the system. Look at history, the Japanese Dreamcast launch was a joke, Pen Pen Triathoon, Godzilla anyone? At least the ps2 launch in Japan was better then the DC launch. Now look at how succesful the American launch for the DC was. Ummmhhmmm, trust me the American ps2 launch will be great. I believe that the ps2 will be just like the playstation, with way better graphics, and way more options. I consider the ability for the ps2 to play DVD's icing on the cake. The picture and sound quality are just as good as any $400 player. And in the future when they relase games on DVD, not only will the graphics and sound quality increase, but so will the storage capacity since a dual layered DVD can hold 3.25 gb. And in the future when sony releases it's hard-drive modem then we'll be able to play games with broadband and download games and movies all onto the hard drive. In closing all I have to say is don't buy into the negative hype, I like the Dreamcast and unlike my other Dreamcast owners I choose to like the ps2 also, instead of trying to critisize it. The future looks bright for Sony, [release day] will be a great day for me.
    5.0 out of 5 stars playstation 2 review, April 8, 2000
    By from Amazon.com
    Remember when you upgraded from the snes or megadrive to the playstation 1 for the first time? Remember when you had sore thumbs for a fortnight from playing on wipeout continously? Well get ready to feel like it all over again. The graphics are astounding and are photorealistic. Everything is just so ergonomic and well designed for the game player in mind. The sound is breahtaking especially if linked with an av processor. I don't play driving games much on the playstation 1 but have been playing ridge racer 5 continously for 2 weeks. The detail possible with this machine is astounding. You can actually feel as if you're there on the racing circuit. It's a shame that there is so little software for it at the moment. Finally game developers can finally realise all their ambitions in designing their games. I've got a dreamcast as well and this is just so much better and so much cooler. The dreamcast is a bit like a playstation but in high resolution mode and with more colours. The playstation 2 is on a completely different level. The graphics I'd say where better than some of the dedicated sega arcade machines and run flicker free without any slowdown.
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